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:candy: Иллюстрация Newtype в августе, собственно Лелуш и С.С. из Code Geass

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:candy: Перевод на ангдийский ван-шота Mahjong (CLAMP x Washizu), равки сканов можно посмотреть тут.
text box: The guys in white suits who humbly serve Washizu-sama--Because the number of them put into one frame is not restricted, their correct headcount is uncertain.


From Washizu-sama's "Good morning" until "Goodnight", they certainly are the "Washizu-sama Love Cheerleading Section" who watch over him from behind.

Sign text: Hurray hurray Washizu-sama

Their movements constantly amount to Washizu-sama's limbs.

Label: Meeting

From dropping off and picking up the friends he plays with,
To bribery work to the upper echelons of the police.

Label: Send-off

From mansion management

To service as assistants to clientele

They are the super white suits-chan who handle anything, but

His treatment of them is way too brusque!

Washizu: There's what sort of problem!


Text: They're cut off within the panels.

The narration's name frame treads on their faces.

White suits: Huh?

But their place is that sort of thing...
No...! Absolutely awful!

Cheering for our pretty Washizu-sama! That is their everything!

A formidable opponent who calls their true value into question appears!

Label: Subordinate Suzuki

Now is the time for them to cheer to the limit of their strength!

Okamoto: I can't directly become Washizu-sama's help like Suzuki, but

Suzuki: Okamoto-san--

Okamoto: At the least...! Ate the least I can put my whole heart into cheering him on!!

Washizu: I'll pay!

It's fine if I dish it out, right...!
In other words...

White suits guys FX: Gulp

That Washizu-sama's blood is being drawn out!
I can't stand watching!
Throw in this towel...!

Label: He's cocked up various things

Washizu FX: Hock

Suzuki: IDIOT


Abstaining! Not hoping for Washizu-sama!
Weren't we told to be by Washizu-sama's side until the last!

If we weren't here who would bring back roaming Washizu-sama!?

Who would take him the small bones of grilled fish!

Akagi: Hmmph...He takes them.

Washizu FX: Augh~

Suzuki: Who would read him picture books before bed!

Who would change his nappies!

Washizu: SHUT UP YOU!!!
Who has nappies!!


White shirt 1: Iwao is the King!!

Okamoto: I cocked up...

White shirt 2: Iwao is beautiful!!

White shirt 3: Iwao is the greatest!!!

White shirt 4: L-O-V-E Iwao!

[Within Akagi & company's imagination]
White shirt at bedtime: The genius who alighted in darkness said, "Why is Little Washizu Riding Hood's mouth so big?"

Book title: Pretty Little Washizu Riding Hood-Chan

[Real world]
Akagi & company: Besides that, why are they talking like women?

Washizu: No imagining, you over there!!

Akagi: You're annoying too.
You change your expression behind people's backs too much.

?? (Player): Huh?

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:candy: Kobato Drop 8

:candy: CLAMP-only, ссылка на разные goodies, типа обложки Newtype, Cardland Card, статья о Mouryou no Hako (который начинается в октябре), Kobato Drop 8, статья о Code Geass и пр.
Перевод Kobato Drop 8 вот здесь. (английский)

:candy: Много-много статей о Code Geass, а так же специальный Lulukuru station mp3 rip здесь. Информация взята отсюда.

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